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Handmade Clay Roof Tile

La Paz Roof Tile

This hand-made clay mission roof tile is presently undergoing laboratory testing prior to receiving its I.C.B.O. certification. Once certified, this clay tile roofing product will be the only I.C.B.O. certified hand made clay tile mission roofing in the United States. The clay roof tile offered by BarroNica is handmade and of the highest quality. This clay tile is fired at high temperature and has a high silica content, thus giving it the strength and resistance to wear far beyond that of other hand made clay roof tiles.

The diagram below shows the roof tile dimensions LP-1 and LP-2. The table shows the different sizes we carry.

La Paz Roof Tile La Paz Line Roof Tile
 Code  Size
 LP-1 3" x 8" x 18"
 LP-2 3" x 8"

Reclaimed Antique Roof Tile

Antique 2-piece mission roof tiles, between 30 and 150 years old are available from BarroNica Building Products, Inc. These tiles, coated with the patina of age in the form of lichen and other tile-attached growth, have been removed from old haciendas and are available in almost any quantity. While they have not been manufactured to exactly the same standards that our present roof tiles are manufactured to, they HAVE been manufactured in the same town and possibly the same facility, many years ago, using the same raw materials that are used today. Their strength and physical condition are excellent, considering their age.

Their size varies from 14" to 16½" in length. We can supply specially cut and drilled antique tiles to be used as booster tiles in the first top tile roof course. This attention to detail yields a finished roof whose antique authenticity is unmatched.

Because our facility in Nicaragua packs these antique roof tiles with the same care as all our other products, virtually no breakage is experienced when the tiles arrive at the jobsite. Since these old tiles are part of our material handling system, our prices include shipping to the United States.

The diagram below shows the roof tile dimensions ANT-1. The table shows the sizes we carry.

Reclaimed Antique Roof Tile Reclaimed Antique Line Roof Tile
 Code  Size
 ANT-1 ± 2½" x 7" x 14½" - 16"

La Pequeña Roof Tile

The la pequeña roof tile offered by BarroNica goes through a special glazing process and fired at high temperatures to get the texture and color that will distinguish your home roof from the common ones.

The diagram below shows the roof tile dimensions PEQ-1. The table shows the size we carry.

La Pequeña Roof Tile La Pequeña Line Roof Tile
 Code  Size
 PEQ-12½" x 7" x 16"

Buddhist Temple Roof Tile

Buddhist Temple Roof Tiles are made from the same materials and methods as are our other roof tiles. These Buddhist Temple Roof Tiles are handmade high temperature wood-fired terracotta clay tiles made to the exacting architectural specifications for this type of roof tile.

The diagram below shows the roof tile dimensions TMP-1. The table shows the size we carry.

entry gate to temple complex roof tile for Buddhist Temple project
antique tile
 Code  Size
 TMP-16" x 8½" x ¾"

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