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Handmade Terracotta Clay Floor Tile Layout Design Services

Handmade Clay Tile Design: The Architect

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Custom residence, Pacific Palisades, CA
BarroNica Building Products, Inc. is headed up up by a licensed architect whose work over 40 years has included a number of residences of high quality that are thematically of a Latin or Mediterranean style. In each of these homes, he has put a concerted effort into using building materials of an authentic nature. These materials include handmade terracotta clay roof tiles and handmade terracotta clay floor tiles all of which have been wood-fired. The challenge has always been to find these materials made in such a way as to exude an air of authenticity while, at the same time, be strong enough to meet the demands of their intended use.

Custom Designed Handmade Clay Floor Tile Patterns

Upon discovering the beauty, versatility, and strength of the handmade high temperature wood-fired terracotta clay tile made in a small town in Nicaragua, he began designing floor tile layouts where different patterns were combined to enhance the architectural impact of the space in which they were used. This also led to custom designed tiles whose shapes and patterns had never before been seen. His "Elizabeth" pattern, shown below, is an example of how his drawings become the inspiration for an actual tile.

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Custom Tile Layout Design Services: Available To Our Customers

This custom floor tile layout design service is available to customers of BarroNica Building Products, Inc. Some of our custom handmade high temperature wood-fired terracotta clay floor tile layout designs are shown below. Please contact us and ask for Edward Paul "Bud" Skibitzke, Architect, who looks forward to discussing the design possibilities for the floors and handmade clay tile baseboards that can most effectively meet your design needs.

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Entry vestibule
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Walkway to front entry
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Patio and walkway to fountain
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Patio detail
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Picket pattern with accent tile
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Picket pattern with accent tile
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Kitchen tile plan
Contact Us:   (424) 264-5031   bud@barronica.com
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