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BarroNica Projects

Antique Handmade Roof Tiles Combined with Decorative Handmade Tiles

antique tile

This project, located in Pacific Palisades, California, combines the rich authentic texture of real antique handmade clay roof tiles with colorful handmade decorative tiles to create an old world charm available only through the use of the correct materials appropriate to this style of architecture.  Of special note is the use of 8" long miniature handmade clay roof tiles for the chimney cap.  The use of these small tiles keeps the roof texture of this decorative architectural element in scale with the larger antique tiles covering a broader roof expanse.
The handmade terracotta clay floor tiles used on the walkways, entertainment areas, and patios of this project, accented by handmade decorative tiles, provide the finishing touch to the elegant authenticity emanating from this residence.

Architect: Edward Paul Skibitzke, President, BarroNica Building Products

Antique Clay Roof Tiles Enhance a Tuscan Villa

antique tile

Richly textured antique handmade clay tile roof tiles provide an authenticating touch to this home in Palos Verdes Estates, California.  The heavily textured variegation found in the antique clay tile roof echoes the rough hewn stone of the exterior walls in a manner that replicates the feeling of homes in the Tuscan countryside.
The handmade clay tiles of the walkways and courtyards of this home complement the feeling of the aged handmade building materials found in this residence.  The final product is one of gracious authenticity rarely seen in recently built homes.

Architect: Marsha Scully & Associates

roof tile richland front entrance roof tile richland gable view

Handmade Custom Terracotta Clay Floor Tile

antique tile

This original George Washington Smith home, located in the Montecito area of Santa Barbara, was being remodeled and added to. With a desire to retain the authenticity of the home's original handmade clay tile floors, the owner approached BarroNica Building Products to reproduce these tiles. The result is a terracotta clay tile floor that seamlessly flows throughout the home, making it almost impossible to tell where the original tiles end and where the new BarroNica tiles begin. This blending of tile was greatly enhanced by a tile-finishing team that is highly skilled in the application of special color waxes which pick up the patina of the original tiles installed by George Washington Smith one hundred years ago.

Architect: George Washington Smith

Buddhist Temple Roof Tile - Handmade for Buddhist Temple Complex. Custom Made Roof Tiles Provide Traditional Design

entry gate to temple complex roof tile for Buddhist Temple project
antique tile

Architectural requirements for a Buddhist temple complex in San Jose, California, called for a roof tile configuration that is of traditional design found in many temples throughout Southeast Asia. Providing the design details for this tile, the architect turned to BarroNica Building Products, Inc. to produce a tile that met their design requirements as well as having a look of a handmade wood-fired clay tile that would match the authenticity of the actual tile design.

Because of the complexity of the tile design, constructing a mold that allowed the tile to be made proved to be a challenge. BarroNica's tile makers came up with a unique solution to this challenge, made a number of sample tiles for the architect's approval to insure proper firing color and surface texture were achieved, then made the required quantity for the first phase of this project which is the temple complex entry gate shown above.

Architect: LPMD Architects, San Jose, California

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