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Innovation in Handmade Clay Floor Tile Design - The "Elizabeth" Pattern

Over a dozen floor pattern designs, and their variations, have been around for centuries and are familiar to anyone that has studied handmade terracotta clay floor tiles. 

In 2004, Edward Paul "Bud" Skibitzke, an architect and president of BarroNica Building Products, Inc., began playing with various new ways in which his handmade clay tiles could be sculpted into interlocking forms whose shapes and patterns would be both visually pleasing and "geometrically expandable".  The result of this ongoing session of sketches was the "Elizabeth" pattern, named after his daughter.

As the two shapes of this pattern finally emerged, Skibitzke then began playing with the many ways in which these two pieces of tile could be combined.  What he found was that he had just scratched the surface regarding the extensive number of patterns that could be created using only the two pieces of the "Elizabeth" pattern. 

His next discovery was the exciting beauty and dynamic sense of radiating from a central point that could be created when some of the small pieces of the Elizabeth pattern were given a special coloration, through glazing and other techniques.  By placing these specially colored pattern pieces in strategic positions within the pattern, he found that an affect like that of a starburst could be achieved.  As an architect, he saw immediate application for this pattern variation to where attention was to be drawn to the center of a significant room of a home or a public space.

This revelation reinforced what was already known about the synergistic interaction between the beautiful, rich earth tones of BarroNica handmade and wood fired clay tile, and complementary colors of adjacent tiles that had been glazed or otherwise colored.

The result of this entire creative process is a brand new tile pattern, never before seen in handmade clay tiles, that provides the buyer with a new choice for a dynamic floor using age old materials of the finest quality.

The Elizabeth pattern comes in two scales. This allows the patterns to be used in not only large rooms but also in rooms of a more diminutive size so that an appropriate sense of scale can be achieved.  The colors that can be placed on the accent pieces are limitless and allow the design professional the opportunity to coordinate the floor design even more closely with the color pallet found elsewhere in the room.  Even without the addition of color to this pattern, a sense of centrality, axis and a dynamic starburst can be created in a way never before possible with more conventional tile patterns.

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